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What is the difference between accessing PDX models through “trans-national access” and under a "collaborative agreement”?

  • In the case of models available for Trans-national Access (TA), the PDX owner has agreed to make his/her models fully accessible to the scientific community for any possible project, provided that the project is selected by an independent committee of evaluators under the supervision of the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure (RI). Access to models is then available through three different types of access (more details at, in the frame of one of the calls for TA launched by the EurOPDX RI.
  • Some models are only available under a “collaborative agreement’, where the PDX owner retains greater control over the project(s) performed with his/her models. In this case, the PDX owner should be contacted directly.
  • In any case, the EurOPDX RI always remains a broker, and the final Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will always be executed between the selected user and the owner of the PDX model(s).

Who is the owner of PDX models displayed in the EurOPDX Data Portal?

  • The PDX model owner is listed in the PDX model information section, and is the original developer of that model. The EurOPDX Research Infrastructure and Consortium does not own any PDX models, it simply acts as a broker for PDX model exchanges. Models remain the property of the original owner, and a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) must be signed before any projects begin.

How should I acknowledge the support of the EurOPDX Data Portal and EurOPDX Research Infrastructure?

  • Users of the EurOPDX Data Portal should acknowledge data owners and the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure where appropriate, in accordance with good scientific practice, in particular in the case of collaborations facilitated by the EurOPDX Data Portal. To acknowledge the EurOPDX RI and EurOPDX Data Portal:
    • “This work was facilitated by the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure, which has been funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (Grant Agreement no. #731105), Project EDIReX”.

If you have any questions that are not covered above, please feel free to contact the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure via our Data Portal contact page.

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